Baby tracker & daily sheet

Baby tracker and Daily Sheet for parents and caregivers

NannyNotes is the answer for keeping parents informed about their children while away at work or traveling. With an intuitive and easy to use baby tracker, caregivers quickly log sleep schedules, diapers, feedings and activities with notes and photos that are immediately available for parents. Don’t miss out on your child’s day while you are away. Use NannyNotes and stay connected no matter where you are!

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For Parents

NannyNotes enables parents to see in real time their child’s day as their caregivers logs notes and photos: naps, snacks, playing at the park – it’s all there!

"As a first time mom it was hard going back to work after having our son. With NannyNotes I am able to constantly check during the day and see what my little man is doing" - Amy

For Caregivers

Take the traditional pen and paper notes one step further with real time updates, photos and videos. Entering a note takes only a few seconds and is saved instantly across all connected devices.